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Operational Safety Services

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07-000010039395Operational Safety Services University (OSSU), a division of ListenToSee, is an online university portal focused on providing risk mitigation training for field employees in both large and small businesses. OSSU uses advanced educational and learning techniques to enforce behavior change in field workers, which in turn enables businesses to reduce the threat and risk that field services personnel - such as mail carriers, mobile nurses, or water/ electricity meter readers – face every day.

09-000005845231With the convenience of a hosted learning management system, the flexibility of a private portal and high quality training provided by industry leaders like Mitzi Robinson of Bulli Ray Enterprises, you could not ask for a better solution to your risk and safety training needs.

For more information on this service, please visit OSSU


Web4Biz, a non-profit division of ListenToSee, is a community of business and higher education professionals actively working to develop new learning models that address the ever-changing world transformed by technology and easily-accessible information. Web4Biz offers online curriculum sharing that aims to collect and present business and education best practices in a centralized manner to help standardize curriculum across college networks. By engaging and sharing information, business executives and educators are able to design and teach curriculum that helps prepare students to enter the workforce in a digital age.


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Interactive Internet for Business Certificate

The Interactive Internet Certificate program provides a course of study for those seeking to better understand and utilize the fundamentals aspects of the 21st century internet for business, employment and advancement. This program is also designed to serve working professionals and small, medium and micro business owners who are seeking to utilize the Internet to create or grow their business or work.

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Social Media Management Workshop

"It is now more critical than ever that small businesses make effective, rational decisions. Effective and rational use of the internet is no exception." This is a high level executive workshop that leads you through the maze of todays new media alternatives and brings you safely home to what your business is all about, the best way to serve your customers.


Interactive Internet for Government Conference

To be effective, Legislative office staff must increasingly understand the advances, the etiquette and the utilization by constituencies of the various social media, interactive internet applications and mobile technologies that are rapidly impacting the process of communication and the very nature and functionality of government.

System Integration & Application Development

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  • Are you looking to automate your business processes?

  • Are you convinced that of-the-shelf software will never fit the way you do business?

  • Are you simply overwhelmed with strategic options and the dizzying array of technologies available?

  • That's Where We Can Help!


As a full-service business consultancy, ListenToSee employs a team of programmers who have experience developing applications for cloud based and mobile platforms. We can also integrate ecommerce solutions with back office business applications, which helps clients conduct business more efficiently and reduces the cost of servicing customers.

While good programmers are the creative minds behind successful software programs, business analysts are the architects behind the solution. Our team of business analysts has worked with Fortune® 500 companies and sole proprietorships. We start by analyzing a company's needs and then design solutions to fit their specific needs and budget. Many times our analysts have found that an off-the-shelf program would fit better than one that is customized, which has saved our customers thousands of dollars and countless hours of designing, creating, and maintaining their own custom software solutions.

Call or e-mail today to schedule a consultation with one of our analysts to discuss your ideas and see if a custom solution is right for your business.

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Strategic Planning and Coaching

iStock 000017064248XSmallAs a business consultancy, ListenToSee works closely with its clients to identify primary strengths and corresponding market opportunities, and to develop strategies that will maximize these strengths and opportunities in order to help them to grow their businesses. Just as athletic coaches provide guidance and counsel to their players, as a business coach ListenToSee provides guidance and counsel to its clients, offering suggestions as to the best technologies, tools, and resources that will most effectively help them achieve their objectives


iStock 000016019519X borderlListenToSee has the technological expertise and experience to help your business succeed in any economic climate. From website development, community-based portals, and web or server-based applications, to comprehensive online corporate or general public learning systems, ListenToSee has the ability to develop large multi-platform or cloud-based applications for organizations of any scope and size.

ListenToSee subscribes to the concept that "if you are not measuring your efforts you will never know if they are effective." We work with our clients to develop measurement tools that gauge the effectiveness of any strategic plan. Only by tracking and measuring these results will you be able to determine if one of more of these programs is positively affecting your business' bottom line.